• 2016
  • SURFING on the 24th of April


    The 24th of April will be one of those sessions to remember. However I did not surf the best session I ever had, considering the Dutch conditions the waves were quite pumping.   So as for that reason I made a little video to explain how it was. It’s in Dutch.   Facebook Comments

  • Holiday
  • Small getaway


    I still remember this person I’ve met, who told me one day; “Europeans are so lucky, they can travel around so much and easy!”. So Thijs and me decided to just go somewhere and free our minds of the Dutch regular day life. Facebook Comments

  • 2013
  • The Life 2013


    It has been some time, the life 2013 is my latest minimovie about my traveling in Asia and skimboarding along the road and at home at my favorite spots. In the video featuring a lot of friends that I made along the road! You made this possible and I give some big thanks to Facebook […]

  • Domburg
  • Teambuilding


    What a day, what a day. There we are liquidskim at their best for a good mood skim at Dombi shore. With us were the two upcoming talents Julian and Thomas. Arrived at our location it wasn’t really perfect, but we are getting used to that. Still we managed to get some good waves and […]

  • Dishoek
  • New Dutch joint


    A lot of things happened and we done so much skimboarding past few days that I just have to write a small story about past few weeks. Let’s make it full of photo’s, enjoy the life. To start with the mega stoke that our friend Luke J Dirks from the DB Skimboard team in London […]

  • 2013
  • Always lookin’ up


    Last days were in the skimboarding mood and before I know nearly two weeks already passed. The day I arrived Marisol was waiting for me at the Airport of Amsterdam – Schiphol. A chillout coffee and my train ride back to Vlissingen, down south in the Netherlands, through the green flat landscape of Facebook Comments

  • 2013
  • Madnes 2013


    Madnes 2013 So the boys and girls from Liquidskim and Paradise skim krew got together this year to provide lessons to the Madnes public, and from my personal view this year the clinics really stood out from the rest of the crowd because of the well Facebook Comments

  • Jermo Malaysia
  • The Essence


    Just before I left on my journey through the world of Asia in January, we made a complete redesign on the website. Not only the layout but also the concept. We made individual accounts and the liquidskim team is now able to put posts online by individual team members, straight out of their lives. Now […]