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  • A website is never done.


    Let me tell you something about webdesigning! I come from a none webdesigning background, next to that when I started blogging 2 and a half year ago, my english was really poor as well. Along the road you learn and luckily my brother is Master at webdesigning! Still the liquidskim website has always been kind […]

  • 2013
  • Member enforcement


    We got some good news to share with you today! We found another Dishoek local from back in the old days, who was most likely to join the group. She, yes I said she, has been on the same beach as we started Liquid back in the days and now she is going to enforce

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  • New Camera

    Last week Maxim has bought a new camera for the photos and the filming. Since we are always trying to make the best edits we can it’s very important that the quality of the raw footage is good. As we were experimenting with footage of the last few sessions, we also made some pictures! For […]

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  • New spot found!

    We have been skimming a lot in Vrouwenpolder for the last years. But a week ago Jermo and Maxim decided to take a side tour walking on new beaches somewhere around Vrouwenpolder. What we found, after a really long walk, was a very quiet place. After some walking around at this huge beach space with […]

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  • Some Small-Big

    We got a small update for this time with some big news! We have started working on a DVD project. This doesn’t necessary means we’re making a physical DVD but you have the see it in a way of project that could end up burned down on a DVD. But moreover there has to be […]

  • Holiday
  • Newest, Finest

    The last few weeks flew by as we were busy picking up our lives again. The restart of our college and work. Therefore we didn’t updated the site for a moment. Our holiday movie: Don’t worry we kept on thinking about skimboarding. So to keep the teamspirit together Dali and Jermo went skimboarding. Maxim was […]