• Holiday
  • Small getaway


    I still remember this person I’ve met, who told me one day; “Europeans are so lucky, they can travel around so much and easy!”. So Thijs and me decided to just go somewhere and free our minds of the Dutch regular day life.

  • Holiday
  • Surfing weekend!


    Yeah surfing, you read it good! Last weekend I joined Arjan and Pauline to go surfing in a cool place called Waiao. This place really gave me the feeling like being in France or any other cool surfing village. We stayed at the Rising Sun Surf Inn, you should definitely go there if you ever […]

  • Holiday
  • Traveling Again


    So it has been quite a while since my last update and I can ensure that a lot of things happened again as traveling is always excited and full of surprises. I want to point out some things of it. The first thing is that I went to sunway lagoon. What first turned out to […]

  • Holiday
  • 1300km roadtrip, how are you doing?


    So after three hard working, exploring and partying weeks down in Shanghai, colleges and respected friends Manuel and Anton decided to come over to Malaysia and have a roadtrip. On the last moment I decided to join them for this adventure of craziness. Now as usual for every roadtrip we made up some rules, like […]

  • Holiday
  • Eurotrip 2012

    Is that the sound of an alarm? Yes it is. We’re back from our euro trip through France and Spain. Back home and back to work again. This holiday was all into skimboarding! Therefore we decided to visit some of European finest skimboarding spots to have some action going down. Our first stop was Cap […]

  • Holiday
  • Packing for France

    As the rain and not ‘summer-vibed’ weather is continuing to attack the Netherlands, the liquidskim team is packing for the road trip to France. We will update the site when we can find a WiFi spot or else you have to wait for the reports in 3 weeks! We will go to the famous skimspots […]

  • Holiday
  • Newest, Finest

    The last few weeks flew by as we were busy picking up our lives again. The restart of our college and work. Therefore we didn’t updated the site for a moment. Our holiday movie: Don’t worry we kept on thinking about skimboarding. So to keep the teamspirit together Dali and Jermo went skimboarding. Maxim was […]

  • 2013
  • Trip France Report

    Finally back out of the Ocean of France. The liquidskim team holiday report: On the day we left we first had to wait for partyboy Erwin to get home from partying around 6 o’clock in the morning. But when he got into the liquidskim.eu mobile we hit in the turbo and went straight for Saint […]