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  • New Dutch joint


    A lot of things happened and we done so much skimboarding past few days that I just have to write a small story about past few weeks. Let’s make it full of photo’s, enjoy the life. To start with the mega stoke that our friend Luke J Dirks from the DB Skimboard team in London […]

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  • A website is never done.


    Let me tell you something about webdesigning! I come from a none webdesigning background, next to that when I started blogging 2 and a half year ago, my english was really poor as well. Along the road you learn and luckily my brother is Master at webdesigning! Still the liquidskim website has always been kind […]

  • 2013
  • Member enforcement


    We got some good news to share with you today! We found another Dishoek local from back in the old days, who was most likely to join the group. She, yes I said she, has been on the same beach as we started Liquid back in the days and now she is going to enforce

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  • The Liquid papa


    Let me tell you something about LiquidSkim. The group was formed in the summer of 2005 under the name ‘Dishoek Skimboarding Crew’ and only consisted of two members, Erwin Bostelaar and Peter de Lange. In this year they recruited some local skimboarders to join the group, which I’m among myself. Now I don’t know why […]

  • Holiday
  • Newest, Finest

    The last few weeks flew by as we were busy picking up our lives again. The restart of our college and work. Therefore we didn’t updated the site for a moment. Our holiday movie: Don’t worry we kept on thinking about skimboarding. So to keep the teamspirit together Dali and Jermo went skimboarding. Maxim was […]

  • 2013
  • Trip France Report

    Finally back out of the Ocean of France. The liquidskim team holiday report: On the day we left we first had to wait for partyboy Erwin to get home from partying around 6 o’clock in the morning. But when he got into the liquidskim.eu mobile we hit in the turbo and went straight for Saint […]

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  • Few days off

    The last week team LiQuid had a few days off. On Sunday’s evening we went to the beach of Dishoek to sleep in the beach house for a skim session the next day! Waves were coming in really nice because of the off shore wind. Monday and Tuesday were great for skimboarding. Small liners came […]

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  • Update time!

    Hi there, Yesterday we had a nice Queens day party with the crew and went party hard times, like the old times. I thought it’s time to put some new updates on the website! The last weekend I (Jermo) was on trip, with Arjan in France. Here is my report: On the first day we […]