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    Nineties Sunny´s

    So here they are, the one and only Nineties Sunglasses. These glasses are sending out the message to Rah (the sun god) that we are in a need of sunshine! We’ve set up a colorful line with six two-tone colors and four mono-tone colors. of course the Nineties Logo is representing itself!

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    The first official boards are sold and nineties can be proud ! Finally, the nineties boards are rolling like they should, the balance between stiffness, flex, strength and looks is achieved and boy it’s THERE. For a particular customer

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  • Nineties Skateboards!

    foto 3

    Nineties on the roll! It’s been a while since my last post but I have been quite busy the last few winter weeks and months. Nineties skateboards is beginning to take off with 6 orders in the pocket, it´s hard work to get everything done but it´s totally worth it! For you guys that don´t […]