• 2013
  • The Life 2013


    It has been some time, the life 2013 is my latest minimovie about my traveling in Asia and skimboarding along the road and at home at my favorite spots. In the video featuring a lot of friends that I made along the road! You made this possible and I give some big thanks to

  • 2013
  • Always lookin’ up


    Last days were in the skimboarding mood and before I know nearly two weeks already passed. The day I arrived Marisol was waiting for me at the Airport of Amsterdam – Schiphol. A chillout coffee and my train ride back to Vlissingen, down south in the Netherlands, through the green flat landscape of

  • Jermo Malaysia
  • The Essence


    Just before I left on my journey through the world of Asia in January, we made a complete redesign on the website. Not only the layout but also the concept. We made individual accounts and the liquidskim team is now able to put posts online by individual team members, straight out of their lives. Now […]

  • Jermo Malaysia
  • Travel report


    Past few days I saw my parents again after not seeing them for almost half a year! They planned on taking a Holiday to the tropics in Malaysia! I decided to tour guide them a little head start in Malaysia and showed them some nice places I already know just around KL. One thing that […]

  • Jermo Malaysia
  • Quite some adventure

    Take you to the tropics

    I take you to this nice tropical place. If you never heard from Perhentian Islands it is probably because you never went to Malaysia. There are a couple of islands outside the coastal of Kuala Besut, the two biggest are fully converted into holiday and relaxation

  • Holiday
  • Traveling Again


    So it has been quite a while since my last update and I can ensure that a lot of things happened again as traveling is always excited and full of surprises. I want to point out some things of it. The first thing is that I went to sunway lagoon. What first turned out to […]

  • Holiday
  • 1300km roadtrip, how are you doing?


    So after three hard working, exploring and partying weeks down in Shanghai, colleges and respected friends Manuel and Anton decided to come over to Malaysia and have a roadtrip. On the last moment I decided to join them for this adventure of craziness. Now as usual for every roadtrip we made up some rules, like […]

  • Jermo Malaysia
  • Update time

    Surfing yeah

    The life is starting to get more interesting as I’m getting along with my school project and starting to find my way around here in Malaysia! Last weeks have been busy with lots of things. Next to the fact that the SCH Headquarters is starting to take his final shape the wave season is coming […]

  • Jermo Malaysia
  • Weather time


    Time for some update about the situation. Malaysia is treating me good and I am most happy to tell that I already met lots of new friends over here, each one with their own story from different countries. Next to that I’ve been doing research for my school assignment which is