• Jermo Malaysia
  • Bad Luck


    So as my off duty work time most likely got filled with some Q-time skimboarding. And after I stopt crying for past two days, I have to tell you guys that my board is broken. During next week I will try to repair the board but my fear is that it will break easily again. […]

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  • Malaysia locals


    For starting I must say that these first days in Malaysia where one of the hardest, in terms of organized mind of thinking. Mainly because I’m the person that tries to have control over everything but that is not how things go around here. Besides this, some of the most amazing things ran over me. […]

  • Jermo Malaysia
  • Malaysia on the road


    So, As you may have read or heard, or not. I’m doing my graduation trip not on the regular ways but I decided to take a sidish and move myself to Malaysia. This week I arrived here on the shores of Asia landscape. The weather is really killing me as the difference was coming from […]

  • Jermo Malaysia
  • Sooo long Jermo !?!


    Our most represented member is going to take on Malaysia. Jermo is going to complete the last bits of his engineering training with an internship overseas. Yesterday he left the country on his 12 hour during flight to the far east, and don’t worry he landed safely so he didn’t have Denzel as his pilot. […]