• Clinics
  • KBO on and on

    It is always really nice to see everyone excited about skimboarding! So as the last report of KBO we only showed a few quick pictures. In the past week we got a lot of good reactions and e-mails of photographers who were taking pictures at the KBO festival. Also Jermo made a compilation of the […]

  • Clinics
  • KBO Noordwijk

    A warm breeze, the sound of handclaps and guitars, 40 centimeters waves, almost no wind and lots of stoked people. We’re talking about the Kiteboard Open in Noordwijk. This weekend team riders Jermo and Dali travelled to Noordwijk for some skimboarding clinics. On the scene they met Adrien, Arjan, Luke, Max, Lisa and Nienke for […]

  • Competition
  • Holland Skim-Jam

    Stoked? We are! Upcoming Sunday the Holland Skimjam will take place on the first weekend of the waiting period! Dali and Jermo will travel to Zandvoort to meet the other stoked boarders and have a good day! 400 kilometers of traveling and a day in the water! Of course we have been skimboarding on some […]

  • Competition
  • Shoot out!

    It’s time for a little update, The summer is just a few months away and we are all enjoying the sweet life out here. Too bad that there a little to no waves spotted in the last few weeks. Dali went skimboarding once at the best spot he could find in Vrouwenpolder but the waves […]

  • Liquidskim
  • Some Small-Big

    We got a small update for this time with some big news! We have started working on a DVD project. This doesn’t necessary means we’re making a physical DVD but you have the see it in a way of project that could end up burned down on a DVD. But moreover there has to be […]

  • Liquidskim
  • Back from the snow!

    It’s been a while since the last update, but not for no reason! First of all of course we went on snowboarding trip to Italy. Jermo got his new board from www.folhaskimboard.com and we have a new filming camera besides the amazing Gopro’s! To start with the holidays! After we’ve had a 20’hours bus, train […]

  • 2012
  • End of the year

    Yes dudes! The year has passed so qucikly! We have been to some serious skim together and have some good results at the end of the year! Let’s have a look at the year 2011 for liquidskim. We started the year by trying to survive the cold winter days Holland got, we’ve skimboarderded a serveral […]

  • Domburg
  • Domburg Autumn skim

    The autumn started here in holland so normaly we have some bad weather conditions and when the weather is good, the sea is flat. Last Friday it was cold, but the sea had some clean waves to offer us. So we drove the car to Domburg and rushed to the water. We were to stoked […]

  • Liquidskim
  • Paradise session

    An other great session in vrouwenpolder with: Thijs, Dali, Jermo, Maxim and Quintian. the waves were great and the liners rolled in smooth, to give an impression we made some photo’s. This was the last skimsession before The Monster skim jam that takes place upcoming weekend, we are stoked and hoping for some Monster skim […]

  • Liquidskim
  • Evening session

    Yesterday 17 September we went to Vrouwenpolder to get a good evening session. The waves were not that big but none the less it was good for a last training session before Off the Hook. We went longboarding on the campsite and poppin some slides. Then we went on to have some good old fashioned […]