Nineties Skateboards!

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Nineties on the roll! It’s been a while since my last post but I have been quite busy the last few winter weeks and months. Nineties skateboards is beginning to take off with 6 orders in the pocket, it´s hard work to get everything done but it´s totally worth it!

For you guys that don´t know Nineties Skateboards:
We make Longboard skateboard decks with an unique feature that the art on the decks is engraved, this feature is almost nowhere to be seen there is only one other company in America that engraves his longboards.

For some time I have been in contact with a man called Anthony de Greef and he is busy with starting up his own company and what are the odds he engraves al kind of things by ‘’Hand’’. I hope there is going to be a sick collaboration between Anthony and Nineties so that the decks can get a one of a kind custom engrave job !

The nineties boards are real robust boards and strong enough to withstand all seasons, you can say that the decks are Holland proof.

To get a better view of the decks here are some pics of the decks and a sick 3D render made Jermo de Lange.

The art you see is created by Thijs Rentier, and there is so much more to come !

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