One hell of a summer!

Long time no see!

The trip to France was great ! We have been skimboarding in Cap Farret and Mimizan. Luckily we filmed the whole trip for you to see!

So even before we went to France, We had the announced Victoria Skim Classic in Domburg. Jermo made first place in the wave comp. and Dali made second. The results:

Wave :
1e – Jermo De Lange (Liquid)
2e – Chad
3e – Richard de Ruijter (Color)
4e – Dali Moerings (Liquid)

Flatland :
1e – Arjan Boom (Haiopaii)
2e – Dali Moerings (Liquid)
3e – Anthonie Luteijn
4e – Benjamin Claus

For Movies of the DST search on youtube for DST STOP! The movies are powered and filmed by Fabian and Michel From SHHH Skimboards!

When we came back from France we had to rush over to the Dutch Skimfest, wich is the original skimfest in The Netherlands. We had succes again! The results:

Wave :
1- Jermo de Lange (Liquid, SHHH)
2- Richard de Ruijter (Color)
3- Erwin Bostelaar (Liquid, SHHH)
4- Joey Wage
Flatland :
1- Adrien Razafindrakoto (DB Skimboards)
2- Dali Moerings (Liquid,SHHH)
3- Arjan Boom (Haiopaii)
4- Luke J. Dirks

One hell of a summer !

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