Welcome to the Jungle


Last week has been a lot about the Chinese new year. The year of the snake has begun and unlike us westerns lighting up our firework at our scheduled and organized time, the Chinese people in Malaysia celebrate this a full week. During the week you can wake up either at 2 or 6 in the night by one illegal (For Dutch standards) Chinese firework something!

Next to this I did quite a lot the past few days and was off the radar for a few days because we traveled the way down to the capital, Kuala Lumpur, for business meetings. Next to the meetings we had a good time at the capital city. We took some sidish to travel to the local KL Jungle, not the real deal but we saw monkeys and big trees. Don’t forget the canope walk.

But still I haven’t found the right materials for fixing my skimboard, also due to the Chinese new year. At the moment I will stick to this short update and will post soon again, for now just a few pictures.


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