Soooo, here I am.. The new member of Liquid, writing her first blog! As I am very excited to do this, I hope you guys will get excited because of it!

Okay, let me tell you something about myself. I am a 17 year old girl from a little village, Koudekerke, nearby the sea. Currently, I am working my ass off at a store called ANWB and I am hoping to find an education that fits me next year.

Then, of course, I adore the beach, the summer and everything that brings a good vibe! Winter is not my piece of cake though. So what I will do during this horrible, freezing and depressing winter is planning, organizing and arranging stuff for the summer…. Like what? Welllll, what do YOU think?!

I was thinking about some ehmmmm…

MADNES 2013 & KBO !

Pre-party madnesAs it is all still very fresh and far away,
I can’t give a lot of details yet. But, don’t be sad..
The 15th of March,
there will be a PRE-PARTY of MADNES in Amsterdam
with a sick line-up to get in the mood for the real deal!
So don’t hesitate to come!

Seee you there !!!

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