Girls are next in line,
Nineties did not sit still, we were busy with working out a new concept for the lady┬┤s !
because Nineties wants to be out there on the market we designed a deck especially for the girls that are searching for that ,,sensual,, and in my opinion this deck is sexy.

The new art is an image of the Japanese Sakura flower or as we call it Cherry blossom, this flower is the symbol of an old Japanese tradition called Hanami (picnicking under the flowers), this tradition stood symbol for love and how quick this can be over because the Sakura flower blossoms just for a day.
Our newest Lady member is absolutely stoked about the new engraved graphics and is saving up to get her own sexy decky.

Next up on the agenda is completing the standard mens deck and getting the company signed in at the chamber of commerce and sell those decks like candy.

So stay tuned and find out what the future holds!

Here’s a sneak preview of the deck.

SakuraSakura 3

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