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Time for some update about the situation. Malaysia is treating me good and I am most happy to tell that I already met lots of new friends over here, each one with their own story from different countries. Next to that I’ve been doing research for my school assignment which is teaching me a lot about the Malaysian culture, although I’m not that successful at the moment. Don’t worry I will get to that later!

Anyways I still working on getting me legit working permit done here at the Malaysian government. If you are interested in taking a working contract or internship in Malaysia, you can contact me now cause it will take you a while. I personally underestimated this in the beginning. Next to that fact the government building area is way to amazing if you’re talking about buildings. Too bad our cap driver was speeding through it and my phone was out of power when we got out of the integration building. (think about a 10.30 till 17.00 stay)

That was after I went to the BIG K (Kuala Lumpur) where we stayed again in the Tropical Guesthouse. This guesthouse deserve some attention because it is simply one sweet and cool place to stay, visit them on FaceBook.

Before I decided to have a few days off back in Cherating beach and luckily I choose the right days. First I tried to fix my skimboard, to bad without success because it broke down on the third wave again. So I decided to surf something more and chill something more on the beach, next to that we went to the local bar for some live music, not bad huh?


Next to all this, I’m trying to do some research on the beaches as most of the time I go to the Cherating home beach, shown in the above pictures. I already took a sneak preview of some high potential skimboarding spots close to Cherating. How did I go there? Off course I drove the car on the other side of the road, which was quite an adventure the first time.
I’m not only searching for the good skimboarding spots in the free time, Also the good food. Lucky for me I ‘hang out’ with the local people and they really take me everywhere to eat the nice Malaysian food. This one will be for my friends; I even ate pizza with cheese!
That is the majority of the past week! I will keep you updated shortly and I leave you with a picture of the KLCC shopping mall, impressive!

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