Update time

Surfing yeah

The life is starting to get more interesting as I’m getting along with my school project and starting to find my way around here in Malaysia! Last weeks have been busy with lots of things. Next to the fact that the SCH Headquarters is starting to take his final shape the wave season is coming to its end, according to the locals! That didn’t stop me last week to go surfing with my new friend I made along the road.

Also I have been trying to skimboard again on my broken board with minimal repairment, without success but I got some pictures (stills from the camera) on that one.


Oh yeah and I’m back to the big city for a few days! In the morning the view can be really outstanding! I happen to get some photos from that to! I wish I can go back on the water soon and update you with more news about skimboarding here in Malaysia!



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