Eat this, winter cold!


Can you feel it? Can you feel it?

After a long and very chilly winter we can now say that the summer is coming. Why? Because the beach crib is standing where it supposed to be standing, on the beach! With still some snow on it in the early morning, it was transported to our local skim spot Dishoek for a great summer to come.

At that time it was still 7 o’ clock and the sun was blocked by the dunes, so still very cold. Later on when the sun was standing high it began feel like summer, only then with 8 degrees Celsius. We didn’t even needed our gloves and jacket, isn’t that great?! As my parents, Dali and I worked to get it all installed right we already knew this is going to be a great summer with a lot of skimboarding, wakeboarding and chillings. So this weekend maybe time to grab the first beer of the year on the beach? See you soon!

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