A website is never done.


Let me tell you something about webdesigning! I come from a none webdesigning background, next to that when I started blogging 2 and a half year ago, my english was really poor as well. Along the road you learn and luckily my brother is Master at webdesigning! Still the liquidskim website has always been kind of basic, but that is exactly the way we like it.

Now the thing about websites is that they are actually never finished. Therefore today I made some small changes again to the way you navigate trough the liquidskim website! Down at the main page you have the small banners for our team members. First when you clicked on the banner you went directly to the posts that the person had uploaded to liquidskim.
To make everything a little more personal you now see what the persons profile so you can see what that person is all about before reading his or her posts. Just the way we like it!

As an example you can try it out on me! Cheers.

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