Shanghai on the road


Okay, the time flies as I am on the fast lane in China again. I left Malaysia last week to fly down to the metropolis Shanghai. I will be teaching assistant for three weeks here. This is already the second time that I am in this program with a Chinese university. Now I don’t want to get into that.

Shanghai is one of the most impressive cities I ever went to and to be inside one of the biggest cities in the world is such a big change as we Dutchies are really used to the small cities. Shanghai has more than 20 million inhabitants and one of the largest underground systems. This is a good way to explore the city some and party some more.

Next to that I went up the big Shanghai World Finance Center to see the sunset at the 100th floor, 474m high! All these amazing experiences in the city that never sleeps! But for now I have to get back to work tomorrow! Thanks Mark for the photos

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