1300km roadtrip, how are you doing?


So after three hard working, exploring and partying weeks down in Shanghai, colleges and respected friends Manuel and Anton decided to come over to Malaysia and have a roadtrip. On the last moment I decided to join them for this adventure of craziness. Now as usual for every roadtrip we made up some rules, like the following:
• Anton claims shogun position;
• The road will find itself, with some exception I will explain shortly;
• We take a direct stop when we find a sign saying ‘Pisang Goreng (Fried banana)’;
• We just take the car to the MacDonald’s.
Why we made up these rules? Why not?

The trip started back in KL(Kuala Lumpur) where we were having a beer when we were trapped inside a tropical thunder rainstorm which was really nice to see. For one moment I felt a little bit like home again, only then different.

Next morning the Proton Persona was dropped off at the hotel, thanks to the good service of Europcar. After the official work we jumped in the car and faced the chaos KL had to give us and we went cross-country to the eastcoast of Malaysia where we found some place to rest in the center of Kuala Terengganu.

After some western look-a-like food in the morning we got back in the car. The idea was to first make it back to the westcoast of Malaysia. So when we were taking off on high-speed defcon 7 on a brand new highway, we were suspicious why there weren’t that much people on the highway, or none at all! Soon we found out that the road was still not finished yet and it surprised us out of the nothing. One unforgettable experience.


So our chances of making it to the westcoast before sunset were gone. We decided to stay one night in Kuantan, one of the bigger cities on the westcoast.

Next morning we were fully rested and powered up the car to take us to one of the most historical cities in Malaysia, Malacca. Over here we even found a little bit of Dutch history which weird to see for me on this part of the world. However I had a ‘broodje kroket’ (one of the true Dutch food things) which I hadn’t eat in long time. After that it was time for some quality beer of course!

All this is just a short version of all the crazy and epic things that happened past week! Thankyou Anton and Manuel for taking me with you along this roadtrip like never before! Let the good times roll!

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