Traveling Again


So it has been quite a while since my last update and I can ensure that a lot of things happened again as traveling is always excited and full of surprises.

I want to point out some things of it. The first thing is that I went to sunway lagoon. What first turned out to be just going to a cool swimming park turned out to be such a cool place as they also shot the RipCurl Mirrage effect video. Such a amazing cool place and really big, never went to anything like it!

Then later, the next day, I got back into a airbus and flew myself over to Taipei, Taiwan. Here I met up with my good friend Arjan again together with Yorick! And before we knew it we were having a pool party in which I’m not getting in to detail!

So lots of cool stuff is going down and I’m still happy to be traveling in Asia as this whole experience is such an amazing journey.

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