Finest France

Hossegor pan

Soo there they are again,

Marente en Dali went to france for 19 days to enojoy the better weather and catch some skim and surf waves, here’s a little travel report.

We started out driving to France with absolutely no idea where to so we just set the navigation on destination Mimizan and just drive and enjoy the ´non Peage´ road together to see the small villages.
After a long weekend at the Kite board open in Noordwijk we were pretty tired after driving for 9 hours so we decided to stop in a place called La Rochelle were we first got a glimpse of some French swell
La Rochelle
We weren’t in a condition to get into the water so searched for a nice place to eat along a boulevard.
After our meal consisting of something called a ‘Gallete’ I had no idea what to expect but it should be something like a wrap with veggies and chicken I think it was, anyway La Rochelle was fun but not for long because after good night sleep we went to Mimizan.

Once we finally got in Mimizan it was raining. The campsite where Dali stayed a few years ago with the Liquid boys was in restoration so that wasn’t an option ( too Bad ).
Mimizan looked like a ghost city so we went to Hossegor because the weather prediction was a lot better for there !
Once arrived in Hossegor a silver lining appeared and we had the feeling that Hossegor was going to be just fine, so We went to the office tourism and that’s where the adventure began ?!?!?!

We got the advice to go to a surf hostel a few minutes driving from the beach, sounds good right ? we thought so and went to the surf hostel that promised us a room with kitchen etc for 300euro (say whuuut expensive). Once arrived it looked okay but the woman who worked there was like somewhat of a hobbit, smeagol dragon mix and no offence but Daimn woman. We went to the room where was no kitchen, heater, toilet, shower just a bed, but the woman was kind of insisting that we should stay so we looked at each other while the light went on and off because they were falling apart, GET THE F*CK out of here. We tossed our bags out of the window ran out of the hostel and drove away with screaming tires.
Eventually we found a place that was for almost the same price but everything was there and the best workers ever thank you Alberto and Poldo !

hossegor golfHossegor place 2 Hossegor place

By the way of course we went on a shopping spree at the Hossegor Outlet village !

After some good days in Hossegor and pretty good waves as well we went to Biarritz for some good weather and waves !
Biarritz was great we went to Hendaye bay for some surf and we went culture sipping around Anglet, Bidar and Biarritz plage, ooh we found real mail in a winebottle

bottlespost Hendaye surf Biarritz place

, pretty cool..

The last week we stayed in our kind of home spot in France called Truc Vert in Cap ferret to get some of the best weather and waves in the whole vacation.
Finally we could set up our tent and of course we went to La pointe to meet up with the local skim boarders and it felt like coming home for Dali, and I think I (dali) speak for the both of us that this first holliday as a couple was extremely successful and fun!

shorebreak Sunny´s tenting
Enjoy Rage face Jermo

Only downside at Truc Vert was that the woman who runs the place went Full on cursing screaming ballistic when we said that we were leaving a day early because there was bad weather coming, she said we were the craziest set of weirdo’s in the world for leaving, lucky for us we made the right decision to leave early !
In da face

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