Quite some adventure

Take you to the tropics

I take you to this nice tropical place. If you never heard from Perhentian Islands it is probably because you never went to Malaysia. There are a couple of islands outside the coastal of Kuala Besut, the two biggest are fully converted into holiday and relaxation resort and so.
It is the biggest one we visited last weekend. With minimal preparations and research before, we had to tell the captain of the boat we wanted to go to the ‘big island’ a smile on his face agreed that he knew we didn’t exactly know where we were going else but adventure!

Along this boat trip we saw several islands wondered which one would be the big island, eventually we saw the big island without mistake. As we had some problems find a room we got a real nice room right next to the beach, paradise.

Because we only went there for the weekend we had the Saturday to spent the whole day. A boat trip was the best thing to do, because yeah.. you’re on an island!

The boat trip took us to some reefs with millions of fishes, differing from really small to fish the size of a meter! Amazing to see all this different animals in the sea. The latest stop of the boat trip was at the turtle beach. What we found was one big sea turtle, now I had no underwater camera, but it looked something like this!
perhentian(thanks Google for the Perhentian Turtle image)

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