Travel report


Past few days I saw my parents again after not seeing them for almost half a year! They planned on taking a Holiday to the tropics in Malaysia! I decided to tour guide them a little head start in Malaysia and showed them some nice places I already know just around KL. One thing that was still on my agenda to do was going up the Petronas Twin Towers, or at least one of them! When I stood up there and had a little flashback with myself about past half year I can gladly announce that in past half year I stood under 4 of towers that are listed in the top ten of tallest towers in the world (see the image below; Number 2 – 3 – 5 – 9)

Now it’s not that I find the view from the top of these scrapers so extreme different from each other, each one is magnificent but maybe I should continue this ‘hobby’ and make the list of the top 10 complete by visiting these towers.

Next to that I went to Malacca again down south from KL. Here it was very smoky, not only because of the house that burned down five doors next to our guesthouse in the middle of the night, but mostly because there are huge forest fires in Indonesia which fly over to Malaysia! In some places people are being advised to stay inside because of the hazardous environment, people watch out! Anyways I will leave you with some pictures I made along the road! Oh by the way that is me and my brother on television up in the Twin Tower! Yeah we’re famous!


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