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Just before I left on my journey through the world of Asia in January, we made a complete redesign on the website. Not only the layout but also the concept. We made individual accounts and the liquidskim team is now able to put posts online by individual team members, straight out of their lives. Now because I’ve been traveling and did not do that much of skimboarding this last week in Asia made me think about the essence of the liquidskim blog, which is skimboarding!

Why am I explaining this? I went to Langkawi past days for a short visit another beautiful island of Malaysia. This island got roughly forty thousand people walking around there and maybe 50 people practicing the sport skimboarding or even know about its existence, guess what! I ran into two of my overseas skimboarding brothers when I was just chilling out at a beach bar with a corona together with my brother! You may call this faith, coincidence, religion or anything else, but I know I am made for skimboarding! You know what happened next day, we went for a skimboarding session! Despite the conditions were not optimal I enjoyed the board feeling so much and made a lot of new friends at Langkawi! I definitely hope I can visit Langkawi once again in the future because the island is providing you a wonderful vibe for all the watersporters.
Next to that I got the chance to see some of the local board making, not only waveskimboards but also some flatlandskimboards! Really inspiring to see the sport evolving in Malaysia!
Thanks a lot everybody that I met on the beach in Langkawi and thanks for the lifetime experience. You guys Rock!


(Photo’s by the langkawi beach locals!)

Next to that I enjoyed the nature of the island of course like all tourist do and we went for a real cool boat hopping tour. This took us to a inner mountain like with sweet water which was really nice to swim! Just awesome.


I leave it for now by this, next week I have to travel home again, and got these packages awaiting my arrival! Thanks Folha Skimboards and Nuts Traction, you guys rock!

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