Madnes 2013


Madnes 2013

So the boys and girls from Liquidskim and Paradise skim krew got together this year to provide lessons to the Madnes public, and from my personal view this year the clinics really stood out from the rest of the crowd because of the well organized planning so here is one big fat big up to Marente Smit and Lisa van Leeuwen, also the other members of both crews did their utmost to make this year at Madnes fun, entertaining, educational and most of all Fun.

Thursday (day of arrival):
We got ourselves in the car drive to Rotterdam to meet with Paradise skim Krew (PSK) to travel along with us to Holwerd were the boat was waiting for us to get us to Ameland.
As we arrived in Rotterdam PSK was already waiting for us with a special someone in particular, Luke J Dirks came all the way from London to join us for Madnes !
We continued our journey to what every year looks like the end of the world (Holwerd), it is like a pier that goes in to the ocean and around the pier there is nothing.
As we arrived on Ameland we went straight to the campsite to set up our tents a.s.a.p because it was getting dark.

First day of Madnes Festival, the weather was great the atmosphere was better and the day began perfect. We set up the part tent, displayed the skimboards and almost the second after we were finished setting up the whole instructor party the first clinic participants came to the tent asking when the clinics would start (we couldn’t get a better start at Madnes than this).
The day went by really quick with 4 given clinics and a lot of fun with the good mooded participants.
After the clinics we cleaned ourselves up and went to the best known party hardy place, Madnes main party !
With artist like Splendid and convoi exceptional the night was a really fun one !

DSC_0083 (2)

We had the same start as the Friday with perfect wheatear and a good mooded crowd !
the Saturday was the time that Luke gave his first complete clinics with the introduction talk and it went better than expected from his point of view, he was detailed and was interacting with the group, Good job Luke !
At the end of the clinics Adrien Raza and Luke gave away a skimboard demonstration that was a great success, the boys nearly landed every trick and by the looks of it the crowd really enjoyed watching them do their very best to outdo each other !
the party night was one hell of a night because we might have drunk one to many the mood was joyful and the dance moves felt even better because of the lubricated limbs.

Sunday (final day):
as we woke up far too early with pounding heads and somewhat sad feelings that the weekend was almost over we packed up our tents and went to the festival terrain to give our last two clinics of the day before we had to leave pretty early to get on to the last boat to the mainland. Thijs also gave his first complete clinic and I think he surprised himself that he did it extremely good and the participants said nothing but positive things about the clinic Thijs gave, we are proud of you !
after the successful clinics we needed to pack up pretty quick to get to the boat. Once we came on the boat we were all pretty tired and the warm air on the boat made everybody pretty dazed so we went out on the deck for a cool breeze, once outside we heard some music coming from the upper deck so we went to check it out, we found a band from that also came from Madnes, they were playing for a group of people that also came from Madnes, the mood was set for a little concert on sea. It turned out to be the best boat ride and we couldn’t imagine a better way to end the weekend than a party ! movie shot by Martin Kooiker

Thanks to the Madnes organization and most of all the visitors for the great collaboration that made it possible for us to give these high quality clinics !!
For an impression of the vibes and as Jermo said it, look at Madnes trough the eyes of the skimboarders !


See you all next year, we leave you with some awesomeness in the movie:

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