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Last days were in the skimboarding mood and before I know nearly two weeks already passed. The day I arrived Marisol was waiting for me at the Airport of Amsterdam – Schiphol. A chillout coffee and my train ride back to Vlissingen, down south in the Netherlands, through the green flat landscape of the state Zeeland. I could still feel the awkward sad feeling of leaving my past half year behind me. I still feel like I haven’t saw everybody enough! So for all the awesome people I met past half year in my most excited trip ever in Asia, I dedicate this post to you guys!

Most of you know me as that energized Dutch guy. We maybe spoke for a short while or we stayed together for some longer, basically I want to thank you for being there with me.

I started my trip in January 2013 with the rush of a exam week and the dedication to skimboarding overall. My flight to Malaysia was the next logical step on the program! After arriving at Cherating Beach the life of me in Malaysia began. Now was Cherating not really the solution to the journey. First all my beloved skimboard broke down on the second session I ever did in Asia. Due to this tragically happening I had to learn surfing. The point break in Cherating made it really easy for me to pick up the surfing in no-time and the people in the water provided a nice environment to be! Along the surfing I met a few really cool people that stayed with me the rest of my journey! you rock!

Time is limited and moving on is the answer. Going to China for the second year was awesome. It’s really hard to say anything about that differently but the people who were there definitely know what I’m talking about.

So because my work in Cherating was not working out eventually I moved on working for my own. This paid off way better and now I was finally getting some results done and I’m still working on that now by the way!

Most of the time I spent in Malaysia partly exploring and mostly doing research on my laptop from places I love and miss the most. Oh don’t forget my short visit to my good friend Arjan in Taipei – Taiwan! What a crazy week we had for sure!

So this is my story in a really short version, for more about the adventure tag up at the ‘Jermo Malaysia‘ Tag on the website.

And yes then you come home! Friends stagedive into you, BBQ directly on fire, beers drank away, skimboarding sessions every day, beach, beach, festival, party, more beers, beach… and so on. All this made me thinking that sometimes it almost feels like last half year was just a few weeks and I got dropped back where I started, only gained some life experience… level up!

But hey there are so many things I just can’t get used to. Think about the daytime. I got so used to the fact that after the sunsets I went out for food. Over here the sun sets near 10 o’clock in the evening or later!
I also have problems with the left and right orientated world. Sometimes I have no clue where to drive on the road so I just drive in the middle until I see another car. My friends keep laughing at me when I turn on my wipers instead of my indicators, dudes I really can’t help it!
Another thing is the organization and lack of palm trees. Everything is so well planned out over here, I miss the freedom of Malaysia.

Maybe all of this is a little bit negative but there is one thing I’m happy about, only for a short notice. The fact you could actually go to the beach and stay there a whole day, without getting exhausted of the temperature. Also that when the sky is full blue you can still enjoy being outside actively without feeling like a shower of sweat. Yes, short notice, soon we will have winter again. Next to that I’ve missed my friends a lot and I’m happy they are still there for me!

Okay for one last time. I knew from the beginning that taking a graduation holds a bigger risk then doing it in Holland, but I learned a lot and moreover I met so many nice people. If I could do it all again there would be so less I would have done different! Thanks a lot everybody. Everything you guys done for me is well appreciated!

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