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A lot of things happened and we done so much skimboarding past few days that I just have to write a small story about past few weeks. Let’s make it full of photo’s, enjoy the life.

To start with the mega stoke that our friend Luke J Dirks from the DB Skimboard team in London was over in small town Zeeland and yes we took him to the beach almost every day. He even got some hang on the waveskimboarding as well. We are happy that he was here and hope to see this man soon! Next to that our liquidskim papa Erwin Bostelaar got some wavetime back after two years, we were all super stoked.

Luke in actionErwin in Action

Next to that we had some nice sessions of skimboarding in Oostkapelle. That is actually funny, because we normally never go to Oostkapelle because of the wind and to fast waves. But because it is finally summer in Holland, it was the best place we could go due the bad wave conditions!

Jermo wrapMaxim wrapMaxim down the line

Another funny thing is that we launched two new movies on the YouTube channel. The newest is about the skimboarding small waves in Holland. Normally we would go into the water, but we wanted to have some clips to edit and it was extreme summer those days. Back in them old days we used to skimboard waves no bigger than this and call it a good day, stoke!
Check the new vids

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