Liquid Skimboarding @ Madnes Festival Ameland

The Madnes Festival in Nes, Ameland was a great success! We were there to give clinics to the fanatic crowd who made sure we were overbooked every single time, so a great shout out to the madnes crowd! We gave three clinics, two on Saturday and one on Sunday. With the help of SHHH we could use about thirteen skimboards for the clinics, which was awesome.

The festival, for us, began Friday night with a great performance from the Bazookas. We jumped our asses of on the rocking beats. After a lot of beers en chats about skimboarding we already knew that the clinic of Saturday was full! This, off course, was a great perspective. At 3 o clock we decided to call it a night and went to our tents to get some sleep.
The next day we were woken up by our friend and co teacher Arjan “Boompie” Boom. He had decided to buy a megaphone on his way to Ameland and we all needed to know. So around 8 o clock (!) he was shouting and screaming that the whole campsite had to wake up. As you would expect, he didn’t make a lot of friends doing that. But, nevertheless the skim clinics was overbooked! Instead of the maximum of 20 for each clinic, 30 people were present each time. After the clinics we stayed on the beach for the rest of the day. Hanging out at our stand and talked to everyone who wanted to take part of the following clinics or wanted to use a board. We also gave a demo for the crowd at the festival. In this way they could finally see what we could do! During this day we met a lot of great, fun, kind, beautiful and crazy people. That night we partied even harder than Friday. We watched this great band called “Jaya the Cat” ,which is a mix of reggae and punk. These crazy guys blow the roof off! After wondering around like a drunk donkey we finally made it to the campsite. Off course sleeping was the plan, but about a 100 seagulls disagreed. When the birds discovered that there was no food left, we were already awake. Luckily we were tired enough to sleep till around 10.

So at 10 o clock, the last day began. We were all hung over but that didn’t stop us from giving the last clinic. Again there were a lot of people who participated! This time it were all girls which, off course, we didn’t mind. After this last clinic we said goodbye to our friends and the madnes festival.

We had an amazing time and we hope that we can come back next year! THANKYOU MADNES!!

Want to go next year? Take a look at the madnes site:

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