Update time!

Hi there, Yesterday we had a nice Queens day party with the crew and went party hard times, like the old times. I thought it’s time to put some new updates on the website!

The last weekend I (Jermo) was on trip, with Arjan in France. Here is my report:

On the first day we left Vlissingen around the hour of 7 o’clock to go to a kite festival in Berck. As we arrived around half past 10uur we first had our stomachs to be filled with some McDonald’s and beers. Next most important was a sleeping place, which we couldn’t find because everything was overlooked because of the festival! After we had a talk with the Coblas skimboarders and the organization we decided to put our tent on the beach and sleep there.
The second day we woke up way too early to do anything so I decided to grab my longboard and get some French bread! Sweat! After a French breakfast the skimboarders arrived to build up the camp and give clinics, when they had a little spare time, we hit the boards for a small jam session on the Coblas rails and boards. After a beer something to eat and chilled a bit, the car was warming up for Courance, we coming.

As we arrived in Saint Marc, the usual thing happens if you haven’t planned anything we couldn’t find a good sleeping place, so we decided to stay one night in a hotel. That evening we went to the local bar. We had a drink and listened to some live music before we went to sleep.
Next day morning we woke up and went to ‘plage de la Courrance’ for our first wave jam session. The waves came in good and as we were skimboarding a local guy joined us. He was just a 14years old kid but ripped hard!
After the session we went back to the car and ran into Romain. He asked us where we were staying and invited us to sleep at his place. That afternoon we went to a kind of pub with many of people and wine and the party started! That evening we went to a few more bars, we chilled.

The next two days were painted in the colors of skimboarding. With some big luck we had some nice waves coming in and some good skim! The last day we decided to have a morning session and direct after pack the car and leave for home!

Unfortunately because we preferred skimming above making pictures we haven’t got good skim pictures! But this is all for now from the trip!

Back in Holland, where the wave wee flat, Dali and maxim were wakeboarding on the skimboard to keep their feet on the boards! Nice 180ty’s 360ty’s and more tricks are coming off!

Stay tuned!

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