KBO kitesurf open, skimboarden?

On the first day.

For Jermo and Dali the alarm was set at around 9 o’clock in the morning because they had to work. At around 2 o’clock when everybody was finaly ready we went off to Noordwijk beach for the KBO.
As the time passed the weather went worse with rain wind and no sunshine. But when we got closer to Noordwijk, the rain god stopped and the sun came out as we toured trough the residential area.
We parked the car and immediately fell into the good vibes of the event, there were hot tubes and fatboy’s, food and drinks, beachgirls and some good flatland skim. Arjan, Adrien, Luke, Lisa and brother of Lisa where there and we went for a good skim session. Too bad that Dali torn up his foot and had to go the the docter with Arjan as his ambulance driver. But all in all the day was great and gave some good clinics.

On the second day.

Team LiQuid woke up at arjan’s place and after a quick breakfast went off the beach again. There was sun and wind that was good for the kiters after all it was a Kite contest. During the afternoon Dali and Maxim went home by train. Later on the wind settled down so skimboarding was the best option left for the festival people! In the late afternoon all the skimboards we had brought with us were lend out! Luke did a great job at teaching new kids skimboarding!
For an impression:

At the beginning of the evening we decided to go back to Zeeland with a pit stop at the Burger King. Thanks to the organization of KBO and Arjan for everything. It was an great experience and we’ll see you next year!

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