Team LiQuid Skim had organized a training/summer session. The first idea was to go skimboarding in Oostkapelle because we heard the waves were good but when we got there it turned out to be quite flat and messy. So on to the next beach, we stopped at Westkapelle and the waves were very big but the water was sketchy and the shells made it even worse. All in all we put on our wetsuits and defied the obstacles and had a descent skim.
The tide was coming in fast and the waves became harder to reach so we figured that the best thing we could do was head for another spot that did not lay in the wind so much and had smaller but cleaner waves. On another beach in Westkapelle we had those clean and nice waves.
So after a good search we had a good skim session with Jermo, Dali, Maxim and Thijs.

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