Trip France Report

Finally back out of the Ocean of France. The liquidskim team holiday report:

On the day we left we first had to wait for partyboy Erwin to get home from partying around 6 o’clock in the morning. But when he got into the mobile we hit in the turbo and went straight for Saint Nazaire. As we arrived it was raining, luckily that was the only rain we had in Saint Nazaire. The skimsessions in the morning were good, but we had figured that out when we were half past our week. But we had some good sessions. Also the weather was quite good.

After some good sessions with the local ‘Plage de la Courance’ skimboarders, some shoping and some sightseeing. We left Saint Nazaire to go to the world skimboarding spot in Cap Ferret.

As we arrived in Cap Ferret we went straight to the youth hostel, to find out this was permanent closed due to changing of the owner. So we decided to see La Point. As we walked up the beach of La Point the waves were amazingly high and clean. Since we didn’t had a place to sleep we decided to go and look for a camp first. Luckily we found Camping La Truc Vert somewhere in the forest. The amazing Surf atmosphere that hang around at the camp welcomed us. Because we had to build up our tent we stayed at the camp and went to La Point right away the next day.

As we were laying on the beach of La Point with no swell coming in we took a little sight tour. Went to the marked of Cap Ferret, See some Surf shops and relaxed for some moment. But when the swell was there we were skimboarding like were used to!

On the last day we were in bad luck with the weather. We had a party and our camp was all wet and messy so we decided to go home a day earlier.

Sitting in the car we were talking about the holiday being one great success. We’ve met a lot of nice people and seen a lot of good places in France.

Thanks guys! Bonjour Jonguh!

For the complete picture impression visit the facebook album: Liquidskim en France 2011

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