Newest, Finest

The last few weeks flew by as we were busy picking up our lives again. The restart of our college and work. Therefore we didn’t updated the site for a moment.
Our holiday movie:

Don’t worry we kept on thinking about skimboarding. So to keep the teamspirit together Dali and Jermo went skimboarding. Maxim was on his Paulo pro model to for the past few weeks.

Some however Thijs and Jermo decided to take a little non-skimboarding weekend to the country of ‘braadwursten und bier’ a.k.a. Germany. It was a great adventure seeing one of the bigger funfairs around in Germany’s old capital Bonn. For some impressions here we have some pictures.

Also we had the Stormburg classic competition where Jermo ended up on the 3rd spot. Although It was another bad day for the Dutch skimboarding tour, the mood was good and we got the best waves we could see.

So to put away the bad weather contest vibrations we decided to put together a movie of the winter skimboarding as we do it in Holland. It is in memory of the goods times we share. If it wasn’t for skimboarding we wouldn’t been together.

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