Winterstop season #1

Yeah guys! The winter season has started and the first Winterskim stop blew by in no time. We had some fun skimboarding in the new spot Adrien Raza discovered together with Luke J Dirks! We started the day as real duchies by sitting with our pick nick chairs in front of the car waiting for the others to come and the tie to lower a little. When that happened, the skim session started.

The weather was quite okay but no sun. The spot on the other side rocked. As we were in the water with 8 guys or some we were kicking some rails and there was plenty enough space for everyone to do something. That’s because the spot near Bruinisse got so much flatland that it is at the moment the best flatlanding spot of The Netherlands!

So the days are already shortened so we had to pack the stuff up again and left back home again. The first Winterskim meeting was a big success!

Next meeting will be the 3rd or 4th December. 2nd Stop winterskim, colder weather, more fun!
See ya all next time!

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