End of the year

Yes dudes! The year has passed so qucikly! We have been to some serious skim together and have some good results at the end of the year!

Let’s have a look at the year 2011 for liquidskim. We started the year by trying to survive the cold winter days Holland got, we’ve skimboarderded a serveral times on the Domburg Noordduine beach or near the dike of Westkappele. As the weather changed the spring reached amazing temperatures with perfect skimboarding days. As those days flew by the summer was on his way.

All together, the liquidskim team, we had some super sessions in our own homespot Dishoek where our skimboarding crew finds his origen. Because the Dutchies are allways fighting against the water the sanded is leveld up every 2 or 3 years to prevent our land from sinking. As the goverment did this at the beaches of Vlissingen and Dishoek we had some amzing slopes and points with the familiar Dishoek waves. This allowed us to have one of the best sessions we ever had.

Also 2011 is the year for liquidskim that we were more into discovering the island were living on. Actualy we found out having for some specific winds perfect conditions at some spots. Yeah, this is going towards Vrouwenpolder.
If you havent seen the footage we shot at Vrouwenpolder you should check it out here! Cause if your skimboarding in Holland you’d know the waves arent that big and messy, but for the sessions we had in Vrouwenpolder it was nothing Dutch likely some times.

We dind’t have much planned out when the holidays started, as usual, so we hit the road to skim some real Ocean waves. First up Saint Nazaire, followed by Cap ferret. This roadtrip was definitly one of big moments of 2011! Also during the Holiday we try to promote skimboarding at the youngur public by giving skimboard clinics. The best weekend we had was in Noordwijk at the KBO kitsurf open. Now we still had to finish the Dutch Skimboarding Tour! Jermo defended his title as Dutch skimboading champ and urned his title for the second year! Maxim got the 3rd Dutch Skimboarder title in the Tour. Some good results that have to be mentiond.

And at this moment we’re focusing at the Winterskim Season! As this year’s winterskim season is a bit softer cause of the extreme weird temperatures around here we are just trying to skim as much as we can!

Just keep in mind that thanks to skimboarding we are able to meet so much new people and have a lots of opportunities in the future!
Thanks everyone who supported us!

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