Winter kicks in

Yes, yes! Got back from another good weekend. As the winter starts to kick in with for the first time temperatures below freezing point the past weekend was all into skimboarding! On Saturday Dali, Jermo and Maxim set out to find waves.

First we started at the North of our island, but the beloved Vrouwenpolder skimspot had way to small waves to even get out of the car for it. Also in Oostkapelle we had no luck. After we went to Domburg and hit some big waves. Unfortunately to big…
So after a few tries in Domburg we went to the nearby spot in Westkapelle but we arrived just to late to enjoy the clean waves breaking over there.
Too bad for Saturday.

On Sunday the wind was better than on Sunday. So after a few doubts Maxim and Jermo got in the car and went straight to Domburg and saw the following:

Just another day in paradise!

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