Back from the snow!

It’s been a while since the last update, but not for no reason! First of all of course we went on snowboarding trip to Italy. Jermo got his new board from and we have a new filming camera besides the amazing Gopro’s!

To start with the holidays! After we’ve had a 20’hours bus, train and taxi road we reached the amazing Dolimiti mountains in Italy. The liquidskim team, except for Erwin, teamed up with Remi Louwerse and Yannick de Lange to have snow real action going on at the mountains.

The first two days were a bit snowy but that was hardly a problem as on the second day the sun showed his appearance and the clouds disappeared. Next days were full of sun, happiness and of course the sound of snowboards crashing on or off piste! Lot’s of gopro footage was shotted by maxim and dali. Their head- and chestmounts made some incredible viewing angles possible. We spent some time fooling around in the 1 meter deep snow, ate a lot of the terrific Italian food back at the hotel, see some nice views, drunk some beers and ate some quality hamburgers at the BIERGARTEN. Yeah life is good!

Important happenings during the holiday:
• Maxim had a down feather mustache, making him look real Italian.
• Thijs got injured but managed to snowboard some days at the end.
• Dali fell of the piste 3 times and had some war going on with a French douchebag.
• Remi likes the Italian food; “Vollebak, bier.”
• Yannick is skiing..
• Dali made the movie with music so fresh that youtube still blocks it in Holland.
• Jermo wore his helmet the whole holiday.
• We went up to 3268 meters height to chill some.

The movie made bij Dali:

Snowboarding Italy from Dalimoerings on Vimeo.

And no doubt lots of more fun going on. For some impressions of maxim his camera:

When we got back we had a real cool trip behind us and were stoked right away for skim. But the waves were messy and real small the whole week. So Dali and Jermo decided on Saturday just to have a small session and test the new cam. Here is the movie:

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