Summer is coming

Last weekend the liquidskim team went up to skimboard on the new spot called zandmotor (“zandmoffa”) near Ter Heijde. The government of The Netherlands decided to be innovative in protecting Holland from the sea. They did this by creating a massive sand peninsula in front of the cost. On this way the sea will help getting all this sand spread across the Dutch coast.
Translation: Good spot for skimboarding! So we headed up on one of the brightest days of March to check out this spot. the waves were cool and we made some photo’s and film shots.

Next big announcement is that we will probably release a new liquidskim DVD with footage of the whole 2012 adding special bonus material, unseen footage, the trips we make to Ameland, France, maybe Spain, Sightseeing and off course the actions to put Holland on the map.

These are just plan, which you will hear more off in the nearby future. For now just enjoy these pictures took by Pauline Klieber.

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