Shoot out!

It’s time for a little update,
The summer is just a few months away and we are all enjoying the sweet life out here. Too bad that there a little to no waves spotted in the last few weeks.
Dali went skimboarding once at the best spot he could find in Vrouwenpolder but the waves where disappointing.
None the less we are verry stoked for the upcoming season and hoping to catch some of those epic summer skim sessions and shooting great footage.

Also the Dutch Skimboarding Tour started and the Noordwijk Shootout kicked off with the first skim comp. None of the LiQuid members attended the contest because were all too caught up….
– Jermo, lost somewhere in China
– Thijs, being Thijs
– Maxim, somewhere in a farmer’s field
– Dali, searching for Maxim

From what we heard the Noordwijk Shootout was a fun and well organized contest !

Here are the results:
#1 Adrien Raza
#2 Arjan Boom
#3 Luke J dirks
#4 Max van Leeuwen

#1 Adrien Raza
#2 Stef Koomen
#3 Arjan Boom
#4 Michiel Kramers

The next contest will be The Holland Skim Jam and LiQuid wil be there this time.

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