Holland Skim-Jam

Stoked? We are! Upcoming Sunday the Holland Skimjam will take place on the first weekend of the waiting period! Dali and Jermo will travel to Zandvoort to meet the other stoked boarders and have a good day! 400 kilometers of traveling and a day in the water!

Of course we have been skimboarding on some Dutch standard good conditions in Oostkapelle for the change, because the slope in Vrouwenpolder isnt on his optimum yet! For a small impression we’ve made some footage with the camera’s that you probably see back in a later stadium!

So the team is back together and making plans for all kind of cool upcoming cool stuff. Think about the summer holiday. Also this year we will attempt to drive along the coast of Europe for good skimboarding sessions on the best waves, including Cap FerrĂȘt. To meet new people, see cool skimboarders and chicks!
Also about clinics that we will help at. Think about the KBO and MADNES festival!
Stay tuned!

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