Holland Skim Jam 2012 – Part2

Back for another update about the Holland Skim Jam 2012 Weekend! We started on Saturday with skimboarding and surfing clinics for helping at the NixGames!

On Saturday in the evening we decided to go Arjan Boom to avoid the long drive in the morning to Zandvoort aan Zee. As Sunday started with nice and no windy weather. The wind picked up when we arrived at the beach. This made the waves a little choppy, but the competition was exciting! Also the flatland was not under the best conditions but everybody was in for some grinding those rails!

For an impression Tom Haakman already made the movie (see below). The results were as following:

1. Adrien Raza
2. Jermo de Lange
3. Morgan Boekhout
4. Quintian Buteijn
1. Adrien Raza
2. Jermo de Lange
3. Luke J Dirks
4. Morgan Boekhout

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