KBO Noordwijk

A warm breeze, the sound of handclaps and guitars, 40 centimeters waves, almost no wind and lots of stoked people. We’re talking about the Kiteboard Open in Noordwijk.

This weekend team riders Jermo and Dali travelled to Noordwijk for some skimboarding clinics. On the scene they met Adrien, Arjan, Luke, Max, Lisa and Nienke for helping at the clinics. During the day we lent out some testing boards of Coblas skimboards and taught people how to skim, or try to teach them even more they already know.
For the stoked youngsters there was a competition on the second day! This competition was all about speed! The kids could choose the board they preferred and try to get as far as possible. It was very exciting to see the kids go for it. But in the end the kid who crowned himself king of the game got a slide of 25 meters! And because he won he got a new headphone brought to him by Protest

Thanx to WDR Photography

For the kiteboarding itself there wasn’t enough wind to fire up the competitions! But on Sunday evening there was just enough wind to make some stoked kiters go into the water.

After the nice and warm sunset it was time to party. It was the release party of LEN10 his new website and movie. Everybody was stoked and partied hard! We did the same to find us waking up in the skimboarding party tent the next morning, our house on the beach for this weekend and will be next up Madnes.

But because of the nice weather we were on the beach all week before the KBO and had some bbq’s and chilling out as we usually do! It was a good week for the skimboarding Holland and liquidskim.

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