Eurotrip 2012

Is that the sound of an alarm? Yes it is. We’re back from our euro trip through France and Spain. Back home and back to work again.

This holiday was all into skimboarding! Therefore we decided to visit some of European finest skimboarding spots to have some action going down.
Our first stop was Cap Fèrret with the famous liners. During our 5 days’ stay we had some good skim sessions, and met some local skimboarders too!

We left Cap Ferret on a rainy morning at day five and headed south to Hossegor. Since it was a lot more crowded over there, we were lucky enough to find a good camping place in Seignosse right next to Hossegor. As soon as we arrived we went to the shore to find a skimboard spot. The same evening we met French skimboarders and old friends we have met years ago in the Netherlands! According to them, Capbreton is the best spot to skimboard these days, so we directly went there the next morning!

After a few skimsession, some more beers and much chill-outs at the beautiful beaches of Hossegor and Capbreton it was time to leave the country of ‘le baguette’s and wine’ and cross the Spanish border. When we arrived at the beautiful city we had some difficult choices awaiting us. We could camp on a camping in the mountains 15km away from San Sebastian or stay a few days shorter here and take a hostel in the city center.

We’re young, so we chose the last option and stayed for three days in this cool city. After some sightseeing and bar trashing, we stood up early in the morning and cruised up the road to the San Sebastian skimboarding spot and had a fairly nice morning session.

Since we were only saying a few nights in San Sebastian we decided to stay a few more nights on the Truc Vert camping in France to take some rest before driving home again. On the evening we arrived at Truc Vert we went straight to the sea after some power food and putting up the tents. What we saw when we arrived was some serious stuff! As we saw all the skimboarders coming, we knew it had to be a good day!

Of course we will make a movie of the whole trip and happening but for now you can already enjoy the pictures on the Facebook! (click here)

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