The Liquid papa


Let me tell you something about LiquidSkim. The group was formed in the summer of 2005 under the name ‘Dishoek Skimboarding Crew’ and only consisted of two members, Erwin Bostelaar and Peter de Lange. In this year they recruited some local skimboarders to join the group, which I’m among myself. Now I don’t know why they put up this group in the first place but the single one thing that was for sure is we had a great summer together and went to the first skimboarding competitions that were held here in Holland. In the summer of 2006 we decided to give skimboarding clinics to youngster (yes even younger then we were that time). For that reason we wanted to make a more professional notice than ‘Dishoek Skimboarding Crew’ and this is how LiQuid and LiquidSkim was born.

The upcoming years we’re big and the crew grew to a total of 9 members in 2008! And we nailed The Dutch Skimfest with every competition first place for the team. Of course everyone went his separate way through the years. But we managed to stay with the Five raiders listed on the previous website.

Unfortunately Erwin had other plans with his life, non including skimboarding. He made his choice to move out of the comfort zone and start for himself. In this way blogging and skimboarding won’t be on the program as you may have noticed in Erwin his recent absence from the video’s.

Erwin don’t worry we won’t forget you as a brother and you will stay the Liquid papa anyways! Good luck with all that the world will throw at you bro!

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