• 2013
  • Click!


    After a long search and reading I finally made my decision to buy a underwater housing for my Nikon. that evening I ordered it and the next day it was already at my house, thanks cool blue! After opening the box and carefully reading the manual it was time to put it to the test. […]

  • Jermo Malaysia
  • Travel report


    Past few days I saw my parents again after not seeing them for almost half a year! They planned on taking a Holiday to the tropics in Malaysia! I decided to tour guide them a little head start in Malaysia and showed them some nice places I already know just around KL. One thing that […]

  • Jermo Malaysia
  • Quite some adventure

    Take you to the tropics

    I take you to this nice tropical place. If you never heard from Perhentian Islands it is probably because you never went to Malaysia. There are a couple of islands outside the coastal of Kuala Besut, the two biggest are fully converted into holiday and relaxation Facebook Comments

  • Holiday
  • Surfing weekend!


    Yeah surfing, you read it good! Last weekend I joined Arjan and Pauline to go surfing in a cool place called Waiao. This place really gave me the feeling like being in France or any other cool surfing village. We stayed at the Rising Sun Surf Inn, you should definitely go there if you ever […]

  • Holiday
  • Traveling Again


    So it has been quite a while since my last update and I can ensure that a lot of things happened again as traveling is always excited and full of surprises. I want to point out some things of it. The first thing is that I went to sunway lagoon. What first turned out to […]

  • 2013
  • KBO 2013!

    KBO Clinics

    After a long time of waiting, Kite Board Open (KBO) is finally around the corner. It’s time to start another awesome skimboard season! A whole weekend long we will give skimboard clinics to everybody who is excited to join! How sick is that? And to make it even better, sunday afternoon, we dare you to […]

  • 90ties
  • A treat for the eyes!

    Nineties Sunny´s

    So here they are, the one and only Nineties Sunglasses. These glasses are sending out the message to Rah (the sun god) that we are in a need of sunshine! We’ve set up a colorful line with six two-tone colors and four mono-tone colors. of course the Nineties Logo is representing itself! Facebook Comments

  • Holiday
  • 1300km roadtrip, how are you doing?


    So after three hard working, exploring and partying weeks down in Shanghai, colleges and respected friends Manuel and Anton decided to come over to Malaysia and have a roadtrip. On the last moment I decided to join them for this adventure of craziness. Now as usual for every roadtrip we made up some rules, like […]

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  • Shanghai on the road


    Okay, the time flies as I am on the fast lane in China again. I left Malaysia last week to fly down to the metropolis Shanghai. I will be teaching assistant for three weeks here. This is already the second time that I am in this program with a Chinese university. Now I don’t Facebook […]