• 2013
  • There´s something in the air


    I guess everybody felt it, there is a silver lining on the horizon and it’s safe to say that the summer is right around the corner and man man man we need those days with temps above 19 degrees Celsius. As the days become longer all the ideas on skimming, skating, partying and planning bubble […]

  • Liquid members
  • A website is never done.


    Let me tell you something about webdesigning! I come from a none webdesigning background, next to that when I started blogging 2 and a half year ago, my english was really poor as well. Along the road you learn and luckily my brother is Master at webdesigning! Still the liquidskim website has always been kind […]

  • 2013
  • Eat this, winter cold!


    Can you feel it? Can you feel it? After a long and very chilly winter we can now say that the summer is coming. Why? Because the beach crib is standing where it supposed to be standing, on the beach! With still some snow on it in the early morning, it was transported to our […]

  • 2013
  • Madnes at the Madnes pre-party


    Yesterday the 15nd of march the Madnes vibes where all over the freakin place !! It was the Madnes pre-party at the Melkweg in Amsterdam and of course your Liquidskim crew was there to break the house down. The youngest Liquid members (Maxim and Marente) and Liquid veteran (Dali) went to Amsterdam Facebook Comments

  • Jermo Malaysia
  • Update time

    Surfing yeah

    The life is starting to get more interesting as I’m getting along with my school project and starting to find my way around here in Malaysia! Last weeks have been busy with lots of things. Next to the fact that the SCH Headquarters is starting to take his final shape the wave season is coming […]

  • 90ties
  • There´s a new sheriff in town

    Nineties Logo

    So whoop there it is, Nineties Skateboards is an official company now and man we are proud to have got this far in so little time. In two years Nineties went from a dream to reality, through hard work and perseverance the boards are finally starting to roll Facebook Comments

  • Jermo Malaysia
  • Weather time


    Time for some update about the situation. Malaysia is treating me good and I am most happy to tell that I already met lots of new friends over here, each one with their own story from different countries. Next to that I’ve been doing research for my school assignment which is Facebook Comments

  • 90ties
  • Grrrrls


    Girls are next in line, Nineties did not sit still, we were busy with working out a new concept for the lady´s ! because Nineties wants to be out there on the market we designed a deck especially for the girls that are searching for that ,,sensual,, Facebook Comments

  • 2013


    Soooo, here I am.. The new member of Liquid, writing her first blog! As I am very excited to do this, I hope you guys will get excited because of it! Okay, let me tell you something about myself. I am a 17 year old girl from a little village, Koudekerke, nearby the sea. Currently, […]